Clean Eating Menu Clean Eating Meal Plan - Clean Eating Recipes Fri, 24 Jan 2020 23:05:33 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Quickly Stop Sugar Cravings Sat, 01 Apr 2023 13:39:21 +0000 You had a great evening meal and still go on to eat more sugary products then this article is for you, especially if you’re looking at losing weight.

Sugar addiction can be serious, and long-term addiction can cause levels of dopamine to decrease which starts the sugar craving process. Sugar can cause weight gain, inflammation and cause your mood to become erratic.

Cravings are controlled by your blood-sugar, hormones, and bacteria. If you don’t address these issues, head on, quitting sugar will feel like a never-ending war. You’ll need more than will power to end the addiction.

Here are several ways that can assist you in getting rid of the addiction for good.

1. Start eating clean
By eating clean, you’re not starving yourself or counting calories but rather being more mindful of the type of foods you eat. You’ll be eating food that has more color to it which helps you avoid processed food altogether.

If you practice clean eating for a few weeks, your cravings for sugar will lessen as you’re getting the right amount of nutrients from real food.

2. Blood sugar and meal prep
If you don’t plan, you’ll fail miserably. You may be busy one day, forget to prep and the next you know, you’re eating a chocolate doughnut. If your goal is to achieve weight loss or to become fit, you have to have a plan A and plan B in place should the uncertainties happen.

Meal prepping has worked for countless people a kick sugar cravings. You may not have time now, but when you do start to meal prep, you’ll have more time on your hands to do other things you love.

You’ll have meals ready to hand that you can take wherever you go so ditching that chocolate doughnut will be easier to ditch.

3. L-Glutamine
L-glutamine is an amino acid that breaks protein down which also helps to reduce those sugar cravings. It also boosts your metabolism and aligns your gut with healthy bacteria. It’s safe to use as it’s an amino acid and if you’re not sure then always check with a medical expert.

4. Consume Magnesium
Magnesium is quite important which can be afforded by anyone. It helps you sleep and balances your blood sugar levels. If you have high insulin levels then taking magnesium supplements will help you remedy that. You can get magnesium supplements from any health store.

5. Eat Fermented Food
Eating fermented food like yogurt helps you produce more good bacteria to get rid of the bad bacteria. Eating enough fermented food will reduce bad bacteria which is the main cause of sugar cravings.

If you’re feeling quite hungry late at night, it’s a sign you need to bring your gut back to balance. Fermented foods are a quick way to fight cravings and can be part of your current diet.

6. Drink water
You’ll lose quite a bit of water during sleep. If the first thing you have when you wake up is a hot beverage, then chances are you won’t be as hydrated as you should be. Water gives your metabolism a kick start, allows your brain to function correctly and gets your gut moving.
Drink at least three liters of what per day.

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How to Stay Consistent with Clean Eating Habits Sat, 01 Apr 2023 13:39:21 +0000 Succeeding with eating clean all comes down to changing your habits. Not only that, you’ll have to stay consistent, but it can be difficult at times.

You see many other people sticking to their regime, but you cannot seem to keep up the good habits that will help you succeed with eating clean.

Luckily for you, below are a few things you can do to make your life easier eating clean and in turn living a healthier and happier life.

1. Don’t make it difficult
You may have tried clean eating before with no success. Now, this isn’t because you’re not committed enough; you may find that changing your habits and diet are hard. To make sure you have the best success you need to set practice habits that are healthy. For example, you can get used to prepping your meals which will make life easier as your progress through the week.

2. Make little changes
Don’t change to clean eating overnight. You’ll just burn out and fail miserably. Most people that have had success with clean eating found more success by making at least one change in their diet or habits per week.

The first week, you can practice prepping your meal, the seconds you can aim to drink at least three liters of water per day, the third week could be eating only whole foods and the fourth week you could be more mindful. All these little changes each week will add up, and you’ll start noticing how they affect you’re mentally and physically.

3. Don’t Rush
People whom you know are seeing fantastic results and telling you to try this and try that. It’s not just people you know thou, the pressure is everywhere to push yourself further than you can. One thing to stop stressing about is the number of calories and fat in each product; you need to eat clean food instead. Clean eating is all about long-lasting changes, not temporary ones.

4. Eat a clean breakfast
Make sure that you eat a good breakfast to give your metabolism the boost it needs. Doing this allows you to have a great start to the day. Eating whole foods for breakfast will balance your blood-sugar levels and allow you to get through the day with eating. By eating protein rather than carbs for breakfast, you’re more likely to make better eating choices.

5. Don’t be strict
There is a perfect person in all of us – no there isn’t. The whole clean eating lifestyle is about slow-paced changes which give you more energy and vitality. You can give yourself permission to eat a treat when you want. Make sure thou not to break any habits.

6. Stay Organized
If you can’t even organize socks from underwear, then you’ll be fine. Write up a weekly plan of what you’ll be done. Monday is shopping and prep day. Tuesday can be your exercise day etc. You can even buy equipment that will help make your life a little easier around the kitchen.

Follow the tips above, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving a consistent clean eating lifestyle.

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Healthy Practices for Clean Eating Fri, 31 Mar 2023 13:43:32 +0000 The primary goal of clean eating is to get you to ditch the processed food that you have been used to eating and eating wholesome food in the most natural form.

Not only does clean eating allow you to lose weight but it also helps your overall health.

Clean eating doesn’t guarantee you a life free of disease, but it reduces the chances of disease and allows you to live a longer healthier life.

Here is a list of healthy practices you can begin today to make the transition to a healthy lifestyle smoother.

1. Eat Vegetables

A lot of people in the world aren’t eating their fair share of vegetables and relying on processed food to keep their hunger intact.

Eating more vegetables can reduce your risk of diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

By eating vegetables, you will be releasing fiber into your body which is packed full of good bacteria that fights off bad pathogens and infections.

Tip: Buy organic vegetables as they will reduce the number of pesticides you’re consuming

Below is a list eight popular vegetables you absolutely must stock your fridge with today.

– Carrots
Carrots are a great source of fiber and nutrients. Due to the number of antioxidants they have, carrots are known to reduce the risk of different types of cancer.

Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked. You can use them in coleslaws, sales, healthy muffins, use them as a snack with dip or put them in different stews.

Make sure that you don’t eat too many as carrots contain Vitamin A, which if a lot is consumed can be toxic to your digestive system.

– Kale
Kale, a member of the cabbage family, is quite popular due to the number of nutrients it contains such as Vitamin A, K, C, B6, magnesium, calcium and so much more.

By eating kale, you are lowering the risk of high cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease over time.

You can eat kale in a salad, soup, with pasta or just snack. You can’t go wrong with kale; it will help you to lose weight.

– Spinach
Spinach is leafy green which comes with a range of health benefits, and it contains lutein which helps protect our eyes.

Spinach contains, MGDG and SQDG, which reduces the risk of cancer and even suppresses tumors from getting larger.

You can enjoy spinach in green smoothies, salads, fried or a favorite of most is in an Indian curry called the Dahl.

– Sweet Potatoes
These sweet vegetables that are grown worldwide come in different variety of sizes and have a lot of minerals, fiber, and nutrients.

Sweet potatoes help align your gut, provide vitamin A to improve your immune system, and it has been known to improve your cognitive development.

You can eat them as normal potatoes such as chips, mash, bakes, and other foods. Adding a little olive oil can help bring out Vitamin A.

– Bell Peppers
Bell peppers come in red, yellow and orange which contain a high amount of Vitamin C and helps with repairing the body.
If you have a pollen allergy, you may react bell peppers as they contain the same allergens.

You can stuff bell peppers with quinoa, add them to chili or enjoy raw in a wrap for that extra crunch.

– Watercress
Watercress contains plenty of antioxidants which helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease.
It’s a good source of vitamin C which reduces the chance of your body becoming infected with pathogens.

You can eat watercress in an omelet, wrap, salad, chicken stir-fry or simply on its own. It has a peppery hot taste to it, as perfect as an addition to soups.

– Tomatoes
This is technically a fruit, but many categorize as a vegetable. The tomato has many oxidants and contains potassium, vitamin K and vitamin C.

Tomatoes’ are linked to reducing heart disease, cancer as well as protect you against sunburn.

They are harvested early which dulls the taste but will be ripe when the reach shop, you can enjoy tomatoes’ with almost any meal you can think of and is the main ingredient in most dishes.

– Celery
Often added to a variety of stir-fries, everything about these green vegetables can be eaten. They contain mostly vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C, protein and fiber.

Eating celery has been linked to lowering cholesterol levels, lowering high blood pressure and lowers toxins due to its high amount of antioxidants.

If you enjoy green smoothies, add a little celery to the mix, fry some up with your favorite stir-fry or enjoy on its own.

There are plenty more vegetables to cover that provide a wide range of health benefits, do your research and go organic as possible.

2. Eat Fruits

People are always searching for real whole foods that are free from pesticides; fruit needs to be on top of your list.

Fruits contain plenty of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. They help reduce cholesterol levels, and the fiber inside of fruits helps you lose weight.

You’ll find that berries are considered healthier than most fruits due to them having higher amounts of oxidants and fiber. Below we’ll go over a few fruits that you can eat today to help you achieve your clean eating goals.

– Avocado
People think that the avocado is a vegetable when in fact it’s a fruit and comes with plenty of healthy fats and contains a large number of nutrients.

If you are struggling to get enough potassium in your diet, avocados contain enough to get your daily dose.

Knowledge: Did you know that avocados contain more potassium than bananas.

They have a fatty texture which can be used with other ingredients quite well. Try sliced avocados on toast with a touch of lemon juice.

– Pineapple
Pineapples can provide a large number of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and magnesium.

By being full of antioxidants, they are linked to reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancers, but the special thing about pineapples is that the effects last longer.

Pineapple assists your body in recovery after exercise and is also delicious to eat in many different ways.

– Papaya
This fruit is favored by many as it is refreshing. It is also high in vitamins A and C. It contains papain which is used to tenderize meat.

Papaya contains carotenoids which are used to reduce inflammation which can stop diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

You can eat papaya on its own or with other fruits. It goes well nicely in fruit salads.

– Mango
Mango is high in vitamin C and antioxidants but is also low in calories which, is great for us that are looking to lose weight.

Due to all the vitamin C, it contains, your skin is less likely to sag, become wrinkled and your hair will begin to shine.

You can enjoy mango on its own or with other foods but eat in moderation as it doesn’t contain plenty of sugar.

– Kiwi
If you like a lot of fruit that has plenty of flavor and health benefits, the kiwi may be your answer. It contains many nutrients such as vitamin C, K, and E.

Kiwis are known to boost the immune system as well as reduce the health issues such as diabetes and lower the risk of heart disease.

The majority of people have during breakfast by itself or with no fat Greek yogurt.

– Add Wholegrain
Whole grains are crucial when you are on a clean diet, but few people eat the required amount of servings per day.

Whole grains Contain Three Main Elements Bran, Germ, and Endosperm

Whole grains are full of soluble fiber which makes you feel less hungry as well as controlling your blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.

Not all whole grains are the same, as some will have different nutrients to others. Below are a few whole grains that are unique in their way.

– Bulgur
A texture that is quite similar to quinoa; this cereal grain is made from cracked wheat that’s parboiled.

It’s rich in fiber, helps you lose weight, improves blood sugar level and keeps your heart healthy.

You can eat bulgur in salads or soups and can be eaten in place of rice for most dishes.

– Rice
If you’re looking for fuel for the body and food that is high in carbohydrates, rice is your answer.

Rice is high in iron and calcium and as it contains a low amount of fat is perfect if you need to lower your cholesterol levels.

Rice can be used in about any type of dish and is a favorite with curries.

– Corn
Corn is made of primarily carbs and low traces of protein which doesn’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike.

Corn has many vitamins and minerals, and they differ if you have popcorn or sweet corn. Popcorn contains more minerals, and sweet corn contains more vitamins.

By eating corn, you’ll improve your eye health as well as reduce the risks of any digestive issues.

– Oats
Oats are high in protein and fat, but also contain high amounts of carbohydrates and fiber.

The antioxidants that come with oats are quite powerful as they provide a range of health benefits such as reducing blood pressure.

If you have a family and young children, it’ll benefit them in the long run as it can prevent asthma.

3. Consume Less Meat

Cutting back on eating meat is not only healthier, but it’s also good for the earth. You don’t have to go full vegan to see the healthy benefits of eating less meat.

When you do eat less meat, you are lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and you will enjoy losing weight.

Side Note: Eating more veggies increases the number of vitamins and minerals.

Don’t worry about the lack of protein as by eating more plant-based food you are still getting your recommended allowance. When you do eat meat, try to stick to grass-fed meat as it will contain fewer chemicals and remove all processed meat such as sausages from your diet.

Set yourself a goal by not eating meat on a particular day of the week. Instead of eating bacon for breakfast, you can have a nice bowl of oats with strawberry.

Avoid cutting out meat as you will put your body in a state of shock. Instead, lower the amount of meat you eat day by supplementing it with plant-based food. Over time your body will become used to plant-based foods, and you will start to feel great.

4. Avoid Processed Food

Not all processed food is bad. Think about when you’re cutting up vegetables, mixing dressing in your salads that is processed food.

There are day to day items that you buy in store you think are not processed and need to be avoided altogether.

Here are a few ways you can avoid processed food:

– Read the Ingredients
Plenty of people will focus on things like calories and fat, but you need to focus on the ingredients, and if any item of food contains a wide variety of ingredients, it’s best to avoid it altogether.

– Visit the Local Baker
The next time you buy bread at your local store, have a look at the ingredients on whole-bread, and you will probably find that it contains more ingredients than you care to digest.

You are likely to have fewer ingredients in your bread when visiting the local baker. Always go whole-grain as much as possible with as little ingredients as possible.

– Avoid the Kid’s Menu
When you are out for a family meal, try and avoid the kid’s menu as it contains a lot of processed food like chicken nuggets, pizza, burgers, and sausages. You can order just for yourself and then have your child eat from your plate.

– Visit the Local Market
Finding pesticide-free food at the local store can be a tough chore, and if not near impossible, the best thing you can do is to visit your local farmer market that is pesticide free seasonal vegetables and fruits.

– Spoil yourself or Try too
Everyone loves junk food, and you have permission to eat as much of it as you want as long as you cook it yourself. If you are going to cook everything that you want to eat, then you may avoid eating it altogether.

5. Consume Less Sugar

Eating a lot of sugar is linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and it will cause you to put on a lot of weight. Sugar is found in every type of food you can think of including fruits and vegetables.

Here are a few ways in which you can avoid consuming more sugar than you need to.

– Avoid Soda
A can of soda contains roughly around 12 teaspoons of sugar. You can substitute it with water, sparkling soda and unsweetened black coffee. Avoid soda can also help you lose weight.

– Avoid Heavy Sugar Desserts
It is nice to enjoy a treat after your meal or as a snack, but there are options for the chocolate bar or cupcake that can make your life healthier. Fresh fruit mixed with Greek yogurt or bakes pears and apples can be perfect for you.

– Avoid Sugar-rich Sauces
Everyone loves BBQ sauce or chili ketchup, but one serving contains around 4 grams of sugar. Using fresh herbs in your cooking can reduce sugar levels. Even mayonnaise is a good choice but don’t overeat.

– Eat foods that are full-fat
Foods that are low fat contain more sugar than full-fat foods. Read the labels of low fat, and you’ll notice that they contain more ingredients as well as hidden sugar like maltose.

6. Limit Sodium Intake

Using less sodium is best as it lowers the risk of high blood pressure and it will keep your kidneys intact. To help you reduce the intake of salt, here are a few tips.

– Use fresh meat as it already contains traces of sodium. By eating processed meat, you’re being exposed to more sodium.

– Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables as frozen or canned contains high traces of sodium. You can buy some frozen fruit but make sure to read the label that says it is fresh.

– Look at different brands of the same food and go with the ones that have a lower sodium content. Cottage cheese is a good example as it’s full of sodium.

– If you’re on a specific diet due to medical conditions, there are low-sodium salts that you can take which will help lower your blood pressure.

Your blood pressure will rise as you get older, so it is important now than ever to monitor how much sodium you are consuming each day.

7. Avoid Alcohol

When you are eating clean, alcohol can stop you from reaching your goals and cause you to stop losing weight. Drinking too much can cause you to feel hungry, ordering food an extra burger which isn’t good for you. Instead of alcohol, you can drink 100% pure water.

8. Reduce Stress

Stress, if bad enough can have an impact on your physical and mental health, and certain foods can help you feel calm due to the nutrients they contain.

– Eggs – Contain a nutrient called choline which changes the way the brain regulates your mood and reduces stress.

– Kidney Beans – They have an amino acid which helps in the production of serotonin which helps with calming.

– Sweet Potatoes – Lower your blood sugar levels which balance your mood due to being rich in fiber and carbs.

– Brown Rice – Your mood is stimulated due to a variety of B vitamins creating serotonin and dopamine.

Clean eating is all about choosing whole fresh good which hasn’t been processed using chemicals or food colorants. You will begin to notice a difference in yourself physically once you have given clean eating a go.

It is all about taking action, so get started with these healthy practices today.

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Seven Ways to Have More Energy Fri, 31 Mar 2023 13:43:32 +0000 Clean eating is a lifestyle that is not only responsible for having a happier life but also responsible for losing weight and having more energy while enjoying all your favorite foods.

If you ever felt weak and didn’t want to get out of bed, then you lack energy. Below are a few strategies you can implement to feel revitalized and have more energy in the day.

1. Practice Stretching
Spending even just five minutes breathing and stretching can release a quick flow of oxygen to the brain and body giving you a push to get through the day. If you suffer from any chronic pain, then a gentle stretch will help alleviate the pain.

2. Drink Water First Thing
When you wake up, you’ll feel quite thirsty. Even thou the first thing you want to drink is coffee, you need to hold yourself back. Drink half a liter of water will wake you up straight away and hydrate you. It also makes you more aware and also gives your metabolism a boost as well as starts your digestive system.

3. Make Sure Your Breakfast is Clean
What you eat first thing in the morning will have a big impact on how your day turns out. Eating more carbs then protein will leave you feeling sluggish within a few hours. Ideally, you want to feel full and have plenty of energy left for the remainder of the day.

4. Have a healthy backup plan
If you’re away from home for quite some time, it’s best to pack yourself a clean lunch. The last thing you want to do is let yourself down and feel miserable because you had to quickly stop at the local fast food restaurant.

5. Avoid Sleep
Everyone has told you that you need to get plenty of sleep, but now you’re being told to get less sleep. This may sound crazy at first but if you can work out how much sleep you need, can reduce the amount of time you spend in bed.

This will help you fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed. Avoid going for a nap during the day. Go to bed for only five hours and if you had a good night rest, add 30 minutes. As long as you keep sleeping well, add a further 30 minutes. This will give you plenty of energy.

6. Avoid Alcohol
To avoid falling asleep during the afternoon is to avoid alcohol in the afternoon. Only drink in moderation and when you want to wind down for the evening.

7. Eat Smaller Meals
Avoid eating three large meals every day but rather break those down into smaller meals or snacks. By eating a big meal, you’ll overwork your body causing you to become tired and sluggish. By eating smaller meals, you’re giving your body a steady supply of nutrients over time.

Having more energy is not just about eating clean. Using a few of the above habits can give you ample energy to get through the day.

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When to Start a Detox Thu, 30 Mar 2023 13:39:48 +0000 With all the processed food and take-outs, we humans as a species are growing toxic. But what matters is when you should start a detox. Below is a list of signs that can help you make that choice.

1. Craving Sugar

Strong cravings are a sign that something is not right. If you’re eating a lot of processed foods, your blood sugar levels rise. This causes your body to crave more sugar. A detox will flush out these toxins bringing your body back into balance.

2. Unhealthy Gut

If you’re suffering from diarrhea and bloating often, it’s a clear sign you detox. Flushing out your gut can bring balance back to your entire digestive system.

3. Allergies

Having a weak microbiome is also linked to having a weak immune system, as your sinuses are part of your digestive system, having non-season allergies would be a common sign you need to detox.

4. Not seeing benefits from eating clean

Even if you’re on a diet that consists of wholesome foods you can still start to feel uneasy and show signs that a detox is needed. By avoiding certain food groups for a while can give your body the reboot that it needs. You can get rid of harmful toxins by eating superfoods and end those health problems for good.

5. Acne

When your body has a high amount of toxins, your liver which is the main organ for detoxifying begins to suffer. Skin can also get rid of toxins through sweat, but a buildup of toxins can cause your skin to be covered in acne and possibly form rashes.

6. Consistently Tired

Feeling constantly tired is due to you your brain a high amount of cortisol. Stress and toxins in the body cause this. A green juice may help you sleep nicely.

7. Lack of Focus

Struggling to focus regularly means that you’re suffering from brain fog. If your body can’t get rid of toxins quickly, inflammation will rise which can damage your blood-brain barrier. By flushing out, the toxins will lower inflammation levels, and you’ll think more clearly.

8. Always Stressed

Stress can cause health problems both physically and mentally. The same issue can cause this is as not feeling focus. Your diet can be the main cause of this and toxins may be on the rise. If you’re feeling stressed and depressed, go on a detox today.

You may be suffering from one or a multitude of these symptoms. Whatever the issue is you need to go on a detox.

There are a variety of ways you can do this, but if you feel you’re still struggling with symptoms, then it’s best to seek advice from your doctor.

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Boost Your Metabolism in Ten Different Ways Thu, 30 Mar 2023 13:39:48 +0000 If you’re looking to lose weight alongside eating clean, then you need to learn to metabolism for optimal weight loss results. Your metabolism only functions well is your cells are healthy.

You’ve always been told to eat your vegetables as they contain important vitamins and nutrients which act as antioxidants for the body. Antioxidants help strengthen your cells which prevent cancer and aging, so it’s quite important to make sure your metabolism is ticking over.

You may have tried a few ways to boost your metabolism but have yet found a way to keep it consistent. Below are a few strategies you can implement today.

1. Eat Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt is a fermented food which aligns the gut with good bacteria fight of the bad bacteria. If you have too much bad bacteria, the chances are that gaining weight quickly.

2. Eat Protein
Eating protein can boost your metabolism significantly just from one sitting. Don’t settle for chicken and eggs thou; you can get protein from many plant-based foods such as broccoli, spinach, and kale.

3. Green Tea
Green tea contains catechins which are an antioxidant that starts fat burning and enhances the liver’s to turn fat into energy. Drink a cup of green tea in the afternoon to keep your metabolism ticking over.

4. Cardio
By going for a quick thirty-minute walk, you’ll increase your metabolism which helps you lose weight as well as reduces your stress levels.

5. Water
By drinking enough water throughout the day, you can put your metabolism into overdrive. Drink around three liters per day will be enough to get you going.

6. Add spice to your food
Hot peppers such as cayenne will increase your metabolism as well as crank up your digestive system. If you’re able to handle hot foods, then this is for you. If you like adding hot sauce to your food, make sure you read the ingredients in case there are any hidden sugars.

7. Coffee
Have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism naturally. Rather than use coffee for a mental boost, just use it to get your metabolism going. This will, in turn, give the rest of your body a boost.

8. Avocados
Most people think of the avocado as a vegetable, but it’s a fruit and a healthy one in fact. It contains more healthy fats than carbs. They have a creamy texture, are tasty and contain a healthy portion of vitamins and potassium.

Avocados contain a high amount of fiber compared to other foods and contain many benefits to aid you in weight loss and help increase your metabolism.

9. Cool your room
If you have lower room temperatures, you’ll have a night of better sleep, and you’ll be able to burn more fat. Just make sure that you’re not freezing, the last thing you want is to wake up with a cold.

10. Stress
If you’re stressed, then you will eat a lot which in turn will lower your metabolism. You need to find the root cause of the stress to get your metabolism working as it had before. If all else fails, then it’s recommended to see your doctor.

There are ample ways to boost your metabolism so choose one and stick to it.

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Benefits of a Detox Wed, 29 Mar 2023 13:43:27 +0000 What Is Involved in a Detox?

Going through a detox has been talked about amongst people looking for a change in their lifestyle and even been talked about by celebrities.

When people think about a detox, a wide variety of unpleasant images of well, let’s not go there. Once you get an idea of how a detox is beneficial to you, you’ll have a completely different outlook.

By having a detox, you are ridding your body of toxins and harmful bacteria by drinking particular healthy drinks. This gives you entire digestive a system a boost. It’s as simple as that. Drink healthy, and in return, you’ll feel healthy.

Think of it this way; if you look after your digestive system, then your body will reap the benefits and become fully functional and more aware. By going on a detox, you” be clearing your body of harmful toxins.

If your body is overloaded with toxins, it’s usually from sources such as food, alcohol, and coffee. By going on a detox, your body will resist symptoms such as bad breath, allergies, and headaches.

By removing certain foods and alcohol from your diet, you’ll help your liver and kidneys do their job by ridding your system of toxins and giving it the boost that it needs.

A detox can last anywhere from five days to a few weeks. You should get used to drinking water as you’ll be drinking plenty of it, around three liters per day. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee.

Stock your pantry and fridge full of fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and lean chicken. These products all have crucial vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, and E. If you’re one to be blessed with a little more money then you may have a massage or aromatherapy.

Detox diets are generally low in fat and calories and can lead to weight loss but a word of warning. You may have done all the research, but ultimately detox diets are not suited for everyone. If you suffer from diabetes, heart disease or any issues with your liver, it’s best to avoid the diet altogether.

A lot of people take the word of their colleges when it comes to diet and doesn’t bother researching it understand how they can benefits. Below we will see the reasons why you should at least attempt to go on a detox.

Benefits of a Detox

1. Eliminate Toxins

If you’re exposed to toxins for a prolonged period, it will eventually affect your immune system, metabolism and cause diseases to develop. These toxins will linger on your body and stay there for years on end.

2. Prevent Disease

Toxins in your body can cause different types of cancers to develop, an increase in heart disease and a risk of becoming diabetic. Your body is wired to get rid of these toxins automatically but doing it consistently causes your body to shut down. A detox helps us in the most natural way possible.

3. Stronger Immune System

If your immune system becomes week, you’re more likely to suffer from a cold which has a strain on our everyday lives. By going on a detox regularly strengthens your immune system to fight off disease.

4. Weight Loss

If your body is riddled with toxins, your body will struggle to burn fat as what it used to. If you can’t lose weight, then you’re open to the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

5. Anti-aging

A detox will stop harmful radicals from entering your bloodstream which causes you to look older. When you’re on a detox, you’ll be introducing your body to helpful vitamins and antioxidants.

6. Life Improvements

If your body is stuffed with toxins, your body won’t function as well. Toxins cause pains in your joints, headaches and low energy levels. At times you may become depressed and stressed, but a detox can help remedy that as well as increase your memory.

7. More Energy

You’ll have more energy throughout the day after a detox as toxins aren’t bringing you down. People that suffer from insomnia will have an easier time sleeping too.

8. Glowing Skin

Toxins in the body directly affect your skin by suppressing acne and allowing your hair to become stronger. This makes you look a lot healthy.

There is a wide range of benefits that come with a detox. It puts your body back into its natural state of fighting off toxins it doesn’t want.

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Eating to Lose Weight Wed, 29 Mar 2023 13:43:27 +0000 If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight while on a plant-based diet, this chapter is dedicated to helping you achieve your goal. That is because most people rely on exercise to lose weight but what you eat is 80% of the battle.

If you like the idea of only 20% of the effort being exercise, then you will love this chapter. You’re about to discover how you can lose weight by eating clean.

Don’t worry about following all these steps, if you fail at one just pick yourself up and move on. That is more important.

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Food

If you have your favorite foods in your cupboard, it’s perfectly fine as clean eating is not about giving up your favorite foods; it’s all about eating healthy, wholesome foods which aren’t processed.

You were born naturally so feed yourself natural food while enjoying the many benefits such as living longer, being healthy and having a glowing complexion. More importantly, look forward to healthily losing weight.

Think of it this way. Wouldn’t you feed processed cheap seeds to the birds in your area? You would get a decent birdhouse, stock it with amazing nuts and seeds that nature provides and enjoy watching them in your garden while you eat healthy too.

The very first step is to open your cupboards and get rid of any artificial foods, processed meals and fill them with fresh organic foods. Make sure they’re in their purest form as possible.

Throw away all takeout pamphlets and if you’re an avid PC user, put a web blocker app on your pc or phone to block ads from takeouts in your area.

2. Eat Foods that Burn Fat

Eating healthy foods is great, but eating foods that help you burn fat are even better. You can make mediocre changes in your dishes that end up making you a walking fat burning machine melting fat away as if it were nothing.

Below we will look at a variety of foods that can help you melt the fat off your body.

– Peppers
Chili peppers originate from Mexico, although there have been other types of Chili that originate from other countries. They contain high amounts of Vitamin A, C, and K. These vitamins reduce the risk of disease as they are full of antioxidants, but the main benefit is that they keep your metabolism ticking over.

– Green Tea
Green Tea originally comes from China and is considered the healthiest drink on the planet due to the effects the high amount of antioxidants and nutrients have on the body.

Apart from being a way to help you lose weight, green tea improves your brain function and can help you become more aware.

– Buckwheat
Buckwheat is originally from Asia but is now grown in North America. It was originally grown to feed cattle but since has grown popular amongst humans too.

Buckwheat is one of the few natural, gluten-free wheat, which contains resistance starch, and also contains manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and iron.

– Grapefruit
This wonderful fruit was first discovered in Barbados, although it has a sour taste, it’s quite sweet too.

Grapefruit has a generous amount of fiber which can help you feel quite full, which is the reason why it has been listed as helping you lose weight.

– Lean Poultry and Fish
Poultry and fish are both high in protein and other nutrients but what we’re after is the weight loss properties.

Fish such as Salmon contains fatty acids that help kick-start your metabolism and poultry such as eggs provide you a healthy breakfast to give you enough energy to get through the day.

– Lentils
Lentils are a great addition to many soups and stews which make you feel less hungry and contain a variety of health benefits.

They help reduce your blood sugar levels and lower your LDL cholesterol levels but improve your gut health overall.

– Blueberries
Blueberries originate from North America and can be used with a variety of dishes or enjoyed on their own. A handful is better as a snack than a full-blown ice-cream.

They have been found to help you increase your metabolism and provide a variety of vitamins and nutrients.

– Apples
Apples originally come from central Asia, and there is a wide variety of them. If you heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” then you’ll be happy to know that it’s a phrase that’s held.

If at any point you feel hungry, eat an apple due to the amount of fiber it contains. It’s a hunger suppressant, and by eating an apple, it makes all the more sense.

– Almonds
Almonds originally came from the Middle East, but now California is responsible for more than 75% of the world’s almond production on one big farm.

Almonds are low in carbohydrates but have a larger amount of fiber which helps suppresses your hunger while giving you the benefits of getting a lot of vitamins.

– Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt can help you in so many ways, but its primary use is utilizing the protein that benefits bones, muscles, hair, skin, and blood.

Greek yogurt is a high protein, high fat and low carb diet and eaten in moderation will keep your metabolism intact and help you lose weight.

– Spinach
Spinach comes from Ancient Persia but now is grown everywhere, mostly in the USA and China. It’s a big favorite for most people and is very healthy.

There are many benefits of Spinach such as reducing blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of cancer and improve your vision.

3. Plan your Meal Prep

Getting ready to cook breakfast or lunch, you’re probably organizing yourself and prepping the kitchen and getting all the ingredients ready. This is called meal planning.

There are some people that plan a few weeks of exactly what they need, and there are some that simple that walk around the local market grabbing whatever they like.

There is no set way to meal prep correctly, and it’ll depend on person to person. What works great for your friend may not work great for you. Meal preparation is all about being organized, and the below tips will help you achieve that.

– Look at Different Recipes
Pull out those old recipe books; browse the internet for recipes that look great to you. Speak to friends and family for recommendations; write them down and put them away safely to access them at a later date.

– Organize Yourself
Get a cheap calendar or fridge calendar and plan what you are going to eat for the next week. Dedicated each day to a different meal type so that Monday will be fish, Tuesday will be soup. Etc.

Pick one day of the week that will be your shopping week. Look at what you will be cooking for the next week and only get those ingredients. Grab a few freezer bags and containers as any leftovers can be consumed later saving you money.

– Complete your Preparation
As soon as you can, prepare your food, so wash all your greens, cut all your veg and store them in easy to use containers. The more you prepare now, the less you need to worry about later on.

A handy tip is to use plastic tub containers to store your meals in. Only get what you require as you don’t want to clutter your home. A washable black marker will be a lifesaver as you’ll be marking the plastic tubs with each day of the week as to when you’re supposed to eat that specific meal.

If you plan your meals according, it will stop you from binge eating. You eventually become mindful of what you eat and will start to see yourself lose weight.

4. Become Active and Drop Weight

Diet and exercise are important to your overall health and mid-section. It’s beneficial if you can do a mixture of aerobic exercise like running and resistance training like weight training.

By setting a goal like a few inches lost or a couple of pounds dropped will give you something to focus on and help you achieve your goals.

Consume around 500 calories less than you normally would and exercise at the same time. These two go hand in hand, and you will see the weight drop off.

Just don’t starve yourself and exercise all the time. That is cause for you to burn out and put the weight back on.

By eating clean, you will increase your energy levels throughout the day as you will be primed to take on any exercise you plan. Avoid large meals as they will make you feel tired and bloated which makes the feeling of exercise a past time.

An exercise and clean eating combination offer many health benefits, but the main one is that your brain will function at optimal levels.

5. Stay Hydrated

Water makes up more than half of the fluids in your body, so drinking enough water will keep your body working correctly. If you avoid water, you may feel tired, find it hard to work out and can even suffer from headaches.

While the recommendation is to drink around 3 liters of water per day, it will vary from person to person but in general women need 11 cups of water per day and mean need 16 cups of water per day.

Drinking water provides you with many benefits such as:

– Increasing your Brain Power
If you think caffeine can you provide you energy, think again. The next time you need a mental boost, ditch the coffee and drink water. Your brain is three-quarters water, so it’s best to keep it topped up.

– Assists with Weight Management
Water helps you get rid of toxins and fatty-by products and help you feel full. Water can improve your metabolism which aids in burning fat; it’s also a natural hunger suppressant.

The General Rule Is:
Drink as much water as you possibly can.
There is no need to count how much you drink,
just drink enough and it will help you lose weight.

You don’t have to struggle to lose weight, focus on the above points and you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else. You’ll have much more energy from weight loss, and clean eating will make that all easier.

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Benefits of Clean Eating Tue, 28 Mar 2023 13:41:37 +0000 If you ever wanted to lose weight, feel good about yourself or giving clean eating a go, but don’t quite understand the benefits, this chapter is for you.

So, you have been trying clean eating for some time.

But for some bizarre reason, the benefits keep eluding you putting in goals on hold. Clean eating is part of a healthy lifestyle and setting goals is important to stick to it.

If you’re new to eating clean or have started but need the motivation to carry on working towards your goals, these benefits may help.

1. Reduced Appetite

Clean eating is all about eating balanced portions of protein, healthy fats and carbs which will distribute energy all over the body. This happens after a few hours of eating, and your appetite has become non-existent.

There are a variety of foods and drinks that can help you reduce your appetite but what you need to focus on is the healthy foods such as:

– Almonds – They contain a high amount of antioxidants, magnesium and vitamin E, which after a handful or two will make you feel full and suppress your hunger.

– Black Coffee – A substantial amount of coffee can stop hunger and boost your metabolism. This is due to caffeine, and the high amounts of antioxidants it has.

– Ginger – Not a lot of people are aware, but ginger improves your digestive system but acting as a stimulant which gives more energy to the body making you less hungry. You can find ginger in many foods such as soups and curries. (Don’t go overboard on the curries thou, make them healthy)

– Avocados – High in healthy fats and a good source of fiber, avocados when eaten in moderation will help you feel less hungry. The special thing about avocados is that it tells your body that you full.

– Apples – High in fiber and pectin, apples of all varieties help you feel full. As they require you to chew a lot, your body is signaled as no longer being hungry. Apples are also a great source of energy levels.

2. Increase in Energy

By eating a clean diet, you will feel an increase in energy due to a variety of vitamins you come across.

Eating clean stabilizes your blood sugar levels, which makes you feel less fatigued.

Have you ever felt tired after eating a take-out?

This is because it is mostly processed food and contains a huge amount of carbohydrates.

People who experience a lack of energy have usually had a large breakfast that is full of carbohydrates. To get the energy boost, you need first thing in the morning and one that will last you all day is by having a breakfast that has a balanced with protein, healthy fats, and whole grain carbs.

3. Lower Risk of Disease

The choice of food you decide to eat affects your health in positive and negative ways. Have you considered what puts you at risk and what can prevent diseases such as heart disease and diabetes?

Below we’ll cover three ways of how clean eating can benefit you.

– Obesity – Being over-weight has been linked to many diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Eating foods that are high in carbs and sugar will increase your weight, causing your organs to work overtime resulting in these types of diseases developing.

– Lack of nutrients – To strengthen your bones, you need to take on enough calcium as it can help prevent the disease osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes your bones to become weak and in worse cases brittle. Get enough calcium from milk or supplements.

– High Cholesterol – LDL cholesterol is the main cause of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Eating foods that have a high amount of saturated fat will cause your cholesterol to rise to unhealthy levels. By having a balanced meal of protein, high fats, and carbs you are less likely to be at risk.

4. Mental Health

There isn’t a specific diet that can assist your mental health. By eating fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, and sardines, you will be consuming enough omega-3 to keep you healthy.

If you are on medication and putting on weight because of it, eat foods that are low in carbohydrates and drink skimmed milk as it contains calcium.

5. Improvement in Sleep

If you’re suddenly waking up, moving around a lot and cannot seem to get any sleep, it is probably due to eating junk food. You the late sweet treat and or pizza from the day before giving those a miss and eat a handful of nuts that are full of tryptophan.

It is recommended that you consume around 280mg of tryptophan per day. If you noticed on Thanksgiving that you feel a little drowsy, it is because turkey contains tryptophan.

Other foods such as fish, oats, beans, lentils, and eggs contain higher amounts and are a better way of eating clean than sitting down for a turkey dinner.

6. Healthy Skin

There isn’t enough proof in the world to associate any type of diet with healthy skin. This is not to say you should drop different foods groups all together but rather eat well-balanced meals. Cutting out processed foods is a good start but adding the following nutrients well help you maintain healthy skin.

Vitamin A – This is found in most skin care products and is used to help treat acne.

Zinc – Stops bacteria from allowing acne to form all over your skin.

Omega-3 – Usually found in fatty fish, omega-3 will reduce inflammation.

Antioxidants – Protection from the sun is crucial, and antioxidants can be found in vitamin C and Vitamin E.

7. Fewer Sugar Cravings

Clean eating helps your cravings for sugar cease as you’re eating less processed foods which contain a lot of carbohydrates.

If you develop candida, which is a form of yeast infection lives off sugar, and clean eating will ease the pain. No need for medication just lay off the sugar, and you’re off to a healthy start.

Most diets are only used for short periods like the Ketogenic diet, which should only be used for around to 90 days. Clean eating is more of a lifestyle and is sustainable which makes you feel amazing.

You will be eating a variety of foods that are rich in flavor and will provide you all the nutrients you need to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You will enjoy it as it is not as restrictive as other diet and you are not depriving yourself of anything other than bad processed foods.

No diet can guarantee that you will live a happy longer life, but the benefits above show us that the odds are stacked in our favor.

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Weight Loss Habits You Need for Clean Eating Tue, 28 Mar 2023 13:41:37 +0000 If you ever wanted to lose weight while eating clean, then you’re reading the right article. That’s because you about to read the simple habits that will see losing weight.

The good news is that this will work for you if you’re new to clean eating, are struggling to lose weight or simply think that weight loss and clean eating don’t go together.

1. Drink water in the morning
Sleeping causes, you to lose water quite a bit of water. If the first thing you need is a hot beverage, then chances are you be as hydrated as you should be. Water gives your metabolism a kick start, allows your brain to function correctly and gets your gut moving.

If you can drink two cups of water that is fine, but four cups are even better and will get you off to a flying start.

2. Add coconut oil
Add a little coconut oil to your breakfast as it will give you an instant energy hit and it’ll last for the whole day. Coconut oil also contains healthy fats which are responsible for aiding people in losing weight.

If you’re looking for a metabolism boost, then coconut oil is your answer.

3. Eat protein for breakfast
Eating carbohydrates such as bread first thing in the morning will leave you feeling tired in the morning, which is the last thing you want. If you eat healthy fats and protein instead, you’ll have bundles of energy, and you won’t even think of food for hours.

4. Intermittent Fasting
Eating within a set period for around eight hours and then not eating anything for sixteen hours. This is called the 16/8 protocol and has had many success stories for shedding the pounds. Couple that will eat clean and you sure to lose weight.

5. Walking
Walking is a low impact exercise that comes with a range of benefits such anyone can do it no matter what conditions they have. By just walking for thirty minutes per day, you’ll increase you’re healthy and get your daily exercise.

If you think you haven’t got enough time for walking, go on to google maps and set yourself a path in the local area. You don’t always have to walk on a dedicated walk path.

6. Fall in love with sleeping
Now, this may seem a bit off-putting to new parents who would love to get more sleep but simply can’t. Chin up the time will come, however, if you’re able to get more sleep then do it. During your sleeping period, your body repairs itself and regenerates.

You’ll also go through a detox phase which restarts your metabolism.

7. Make a journal
Having a journal will keep you organized, and you’ll be able to note down what your struggles were and even what your wins were. You can revisit the journal and learn from it to make your life easier moving with clean eating.

By noting down, you struggle you’ll identify the issues that you make you eat which will you avoid them later on. This has helped people lose weight.

If you’re struggling to lose weight while clean eating then these tips will help.

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Introduction to Clean Eating Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:36:20 +0000 You’ve probably heard of clean eating the past last year. You either ignored it or shown some interest in but still aren’t sure exactly what clean eating is.

Many people that have begun a clean eating lifestyle have embraced it and kept on it for years and still do today. When you eat clean, you have more control over what you eat and avoid everything bad such as processed foods and sugars.

You think about food before you eat giving you more power over your emotions. Once you understand the simple concept, eating clean becomes quite easy.

1. What is Clean Eating?

The biggest thing you need to grasp right now is that clean eating is a lifestyle and not a diet. Don’t think for a second that you’ll lose weight instantly but rather look at clean eating as you taking control of what you eat.

You’ll learn to choose wholesome foods over those fatty man-made processed foods. You do this by approaching food differently and forcing yourself to say no junk food. You’ll be eating more vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

It’s about being active and eating healthy which results in your craving the less of those bad processed foods. Take the approach one meal at a time.

2. How to Get Started

The good stuff is covered in later chapters, but you’re going to get a quick overview here.

Start by taking small strategic steps. Don’t stop eating your chocolate treats and then going straight to eating no treats at all. Your body will begin to crave the sugar, and eventually, you’ll give in, and your body will shut down.

The trick is to have your body gradually make an easier transition which prevents a burnout. Instead of eating a chocolate bar each night as a treat, replace it with two cubes of 80% dark chocolate and three days later go down to one bar until you no longer crave that treat.

If you drink your morning coffee with sugar and milk, you won’t enjoy it as much if you drink it straight up black. Reduce the amount of milk and sugar, and within a few days, you probably don’t want to drink coffee anymore.

Each change you make moves you closer to you achieving your goals in a positive way. Your body will begin to notice changes to the foods you’re introducing and will love you for it.

Again, this is all about living a healthy balanced lifestyle, not a quick fix diet. You won’t see results overnight. Give it a month to ease in, and you’ll begin to see the benefits.

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Developing the Right Mindset Sat, 25 Mar 2023 13:36:20 +0000 Eating vegetables and cutting back on sugar is part of mindful eating, but there is more to what is on your plate than you think.

A big step towards clean eating isn’t about eating a portion of special food, but it’s more about knowing when you need to eat, thinking twice about what you eat and being in the moment when you eat.

To encourage clean eating, you need to like your food and enjoy the sensations of eating it. You need to be mindful, improve habits, listen to your conscious and avoid being perfect.

1. Focus on Becoming Mindful

Practicing mindful eating is not new, but it’s becoming more popular as a way to eat clean and become healthy. Mindful eating is paying attention to what you eat as you eat it. It makes you use all your senses to make choices in the food you eat that provide you with the mineral and vitamins you need.

When it comes down to it, mindful eating is all about the relationship with your food and these following tips will put you in the right path to clean eating.

– Be Thankful
Many people give thanks for their meals or at least know of others did. You may have done it yourself or not. Take a few minutes to think about the effort it took to grow the food, ship them to you, and the time it took you to prepare it.

– Sit Down
Respect your meal time and sit down at the dinner table. If you’re rushing your food, your mind may rush, and your body won’t be able to keep up.

– Utensils down
Remember you’re thinking about every bite, so when you put food into your mouth, put your knife and fork down. This allows you to chew your food more, which makes it easier for digestion.

These little tips can get you started to be mindful of what you eat by taking the first step.

2. Improve Daily Habits

Eating healthy can improve your lifestyle dramatically. You’ll have access to the right foods that give you all the vitamins and minerals you need. However, there are habits or challenges that you can change to make clean eating go smoother for you.

– Drink Green Tea
It was mentioned that green tea provides a range of health benefits, but it’s also a habit you can get started with right away. Rather than drink your normal hot beverage first thing in the morning, swap it out with green tea for a more relaxed herbal experience.

– Eat Breakfast
Everyone, says that the 16/8 intermittent fasting protocol which is great but if you eat clean whole foods like whole grain oats then your day will run smoothly.

While you must listen to your body, you can also kick start your metabolism. If you find you are getting hungry by 11 am, then its best to eat a small breakfast.

– Add More Green
Are you eating steak and fries for dinner? Enjoy the steak but get rid of the fries and replace it with a nice leafy salad. Don’t top the salad up with any sauces thou as the last you want to do is increase calories.

– Cook at home
Getting home late and feeling hungry is not a good combination especially when it’s so easy just to order takeout. It’s suggested that you take time out to prepare your meals so when you do get home, they’re ready to go.

3. You’re Conscious

Are you eating for the sake of it or are you eating because your body needs to be fueled?

By listening to what your body wants first will be a healthier option than eating mindlessly.

Eating based on emotions can be unhealthy, and it will be different for each person. It could be due to stress, loneliness or simply outright boredom. By listening to your body, you’ll be in control as to often emotions will get the better of you.

A good way to listen to your body is to buy a journal and each time you notice you’re getting hungry, note down exactly what you feel and how you feel. After two weeks, going back on your previous notes, you’ll begin to notice a pattern of when you’re getting hunger. Noticing these patterns soon will allow you to stop whatever it is that’s causing you to eat out of emotion.

4. Avoid the Diet Mindset

Dieting directly doesn’t work. Most people that go on a diet will put the weight back on. The word diet seduces you by promising to make you slim. Here is how “trying to get slim” really works, you try a diet, fail and move on.

You’re then told to eat raw meat, turn your body into a carnivore or try the keto diet and so on. You don’t need to do any of that; you just need to develop the right behavior about mood and develop the right mindset.

You can start changing your mindset with the tips below:

– Don’t look at food as good or bad
It’s time to think of healthy food as simple foods you buy every day. Eating a little ice-cream shouldn’t be looked at making you overweight and unhealthy, just don’t overeat of it.

If you start to eliminate foods straight away, it’ll bring on binge eating, and that is the last thing you want to do.

– Make Your Own Eating Pattern
The media, the internet, and even social media are full of “how to eat” guides which you just do not need. Find a pattern that is right for you and stick to it. If you find that you do need help with planning your meals, seeing a nutritionist is highly advisable.

Thinking that clean eating is a diet is true in a way but also the wrong way to think. Having the right mindset will give you more chance of sticking with clean eating in the foreseeable future.

Being human means you won’t be perfect, if that is your goal, expect to be a slave to yourself or what you eat. Enjoy the foods you want to enjoy but within moderation.

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Cooking Meals & Quick, Easy Recipes Thu, 23 Mar 2023 13:44:21 +0000 There are endless amounts of reasons as to why clean eating works. If you take any other diet like juicing or ones that ask you to ignore certain food groups, why are people so attracted to it?

The simple answer is that they are looking for an “instant hit.” Most people who are after a quick fix don’t want to do any work but reap the rewards.

What is the point in having the best diet if you’re not going to stick to it? If you can’t cook meals on the fly, then there is no point in your trying to eat clean.

That is why this chapter is dedicated to telling us how to cook quick, healthy meals while spending less time doing so. Below are a few tips to help you spend less time preparing.


– Make a lot
Cooking stew or soup, the tip here is to prepare a big batch of it. You can refreeze the rest and take it will only take a few minutes to reheat. It’s a simple way to spend less time cooking.

– Get the Right Equipment
We’re talking quick meals here, so if a recipe asks you to cut plenty of vegetables and you are spending 1hr cutting a carrot, it’s a good idea to invest in the right equipment.

Instead of using a knife, you can use a blender that comes with a variety of cutting options. There is a gadget for any type of manual food prep you can think off.

– Implement Workflows
Now that you have new gadgets, you can begin to think about how you’re going to implement them into your cooking routine. Think about how they can save time and if you need other machines, how they can help.

Keep your tools/gadgets for ease of access and use. The last thing you want to do is spend an hour looking for that one particular blade for your blender.

Have an apron and personal cloth to hand so that you can clean as you go — the last thing you want it to clean up a big mess after your cook.

Always look at improving yourself. If you can do a task quicker next time, remember it and get better.

– Mix it Up a Bit
As our lives are getting busier, commuting is taking hours away from us, and it can be quite challenging to think of what you want to eat. You don’t have to have a big meal at the end of the evening.

Settling for healthy sandwiches may be a better option than wasting time just thinking about what you can eat. Keep it clean and straightforward.

– Stock Your Pantry
If you know someone that loves grocery shopping, consider yourself unfortunate if you’re like most people then you probably hate shopping.

To avoid making mistakes and having a cheat day, it’s recommended that you stock your pantry up will all the necessary ingredients to cook your meal.

This can range from spices & herbs to long life milk, rice, tins of canned food, etc.

– Manage your Time
Preparing big meals that you can eat now and store for later consumption, but you need to make time available. As well as having time to prepare your meals, it’s a good idea that you’ll have enough energy left after cooking.

Not having enough energy will make you feel tired and can only lead to eating junk-food late at night which is a big no. Don’t be strict with yourself at the beginning of your clean eating journey, instead work in gradual steps and take it easy.

– Lean Quick Recipes
There will be times when you fall short on time and not able to cook those meals you’ve been looking forward to so grab your tablet, PC or favorite magazine and look for quick recipes. Learn them inside out, so you always have a backup plan.

Not sure where to look for quick recipes? Don’t worry as the next couple of sections will be able to help you out.

1. Quick Breakfast Meals

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day but why spend a lot of time preparing when you can put something together in no time.

– Yogurt
Yogurt is healthy with ample amounts of protein and bacteria that is good for your immune system. Don’t just settle for plain yogurt thou.
Add a few nuts and strawberries and if you want to add a little bit of yumminess, add a little honey to it.

– Avocado on Toast
Avocado contains the right amount of healthy fat and fiber which can help you feel less hungry during the morning. Try and use wholegrain bread as much as possible here. It doesn’t get any easier, merely slice half an avocado and lay on toast.

– Scramble Eggs
This is a classic easy dish. Add milk, eggs and a little butter in a frying pan. Although butter does contain fewer calories than needed, the eggs are what provide you with the nutritional values.

– Oats
There are a wide variety of oats, but the best ones to use are gluten-free oats, you can add a little fruit to make them more delicious.

Tip: Buy frozen fruit, and you can prep three days of oats. Prepare the oats and put into separate dishes. The evening before, add the fruit to the oats and come morning you’ll have a fantastic breakfast.

– Grapefruit
Grapefruits contain little calories and benefit you by boosting your metabolism and contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Simply slice and eat.

2. Quick Lunch Snacks

Keep your lunches minimal as eating a big lunch will leave you with less energy which in turn may cause you to skip dinner and snack later at night. The breakfast options shouldn’t be more than 400 calories, and your lunch will take you safely up to 900 calories. Let’s take a look at these quick and simple taste lunches.

– Chicken Caesar Salad
This may not be something to look forward to, but it can be a healthier option to a subway sandwich. Grab a sliced cooked chicken, a handful of mixed leaves and low-fat Caesar dressing. Chuck a cucumber and tomato on and you’re good to go.

– Egg Salad Sandwich
If you’re looking for something crisp and fresh during the afternoon, an egg salad sandwich can go far. Packed with many nutrients, this is an absolute tasty lunch. Mix hard-boiled egg with light mayo and fresh dill served with a crusty baguette.

– Salsa Topped Eggs
Ditch the chocolate bar for a snack and eat two salsa topped eggs. Boil two eggs cut them in half and scoop out the yellow yolk. Mix the yolk with a little mustard and fill the eggs up. Top with a little ready-made salsa sauce and enjoy.

– Avocado and Bean Paste
A meal that contains healthy snacks should be introduced into your diet at least once a week, and this one is it. Boil a little pasta, cut avocado into little chunks and mix with black beans. Add all ingredients together with a little lemon juice and enjoy.

– Turkey Pepper Sandwiches
This is quite light and should just be used as a snack, but if you feel you can’t eat a steady lunch, then this is for you. Slice up half a bell pepper and wrap the pepper sticks with a turkey slice.

Keep on track with your lunches; keep them light so you’ll be able to enjoy your mealtime later in the evening.

3. Quick Dinner Recipes

If you’ve you have successfully followed the sections for breakfast and lunch; you should have eaten around 900 calories. You’ll be able to eat dinner and still have 500 – 1000 calories left which are great if you want to lose weight.

– Beans on Toast
Let’s get this out the way first. If you’re in a hurry, open a tin of baked bins which is a fantastic source of nutrients and enjoy on a slice of gluten-free brown toast. Add a little cheese to make it a bit more filling.

– Chicken Stir-fry
Grab a selection of vegetables, some spring onions, diced chicken and soy sauce. Gently cook the chicken in soy sauce until brown on both sides. Add the veg, onions and cook until the veg is tender. Serve HOT! Enjoy.

– Salmon and Asparagus
This meal can be cooked with a dash of lemon and garlic in one pan which makes it a no brainer. Hardly any prep is required. Add a little butter to your pan, heat and slowly add asparagus, cook gently then introduce the salmon.

Cook for 4 minutes on each side, add garlic flakes and a little lemon zest for added flavor.

– Steak Salad
You’re allowed to eat steak, in previous chapters it was mentioned to eat what you like in moderation. Steak is healthy. So, whip out that rump, cook it your liking and serve on a bed of leafy greens.

– Chicken and Brown Rice
Go for a full clean, healthy dinner here and steam brown rice till cooked. Add sliced cooked chicken breast and serve with a little veg. Healthy and Fresh!

There is plenty of information on the internet today, but the above little quick recipes will keep have you cooking meals in the fastest time possible.

Remember to be prepared and cook as much of something that you can store for later use. This is the best bit of advice for someone who is eating clean.

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Home Remedies to help you Detox Tue, 21 Mar 2023 13:40:12 +0000 Many products on the market promise you that you’ll be fully detoxed with 24hrs, but while some of them are great, you have all the detox products at home right in front of you.

1. Water and Squeezed Lime

This helps get rid of toxins and brings your alkaline levels back to normal levels. If you’ve just started your detox, then a drop of apple cider vinegar is particularly helpful. Carry on drinking water as the day progresses. This will ensure you’re getting rid of any harmful toxins.

2. Juicing

Grab plenty of spinach and kale, add a little ginger and turmeric and blend. This will set you up for success and give you so much energy that you’ll feel as if you’ve been on a detox for days.

3. Watch your Oils

People love their fried eggs. Right? They add a little vegetable oil and presto…fried eggs. This can, in fact, cause the toxins in the oil to linger in your body for days. Change the vegetable oil with olive oil or coconut oil which contains healthy fats.

4. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is more than the liquid you see. If you’re looking for a beverage which contains large quantities of nutrients, then you need to drink green tea. It’s the healthiest drink on the planet and helps reduce inflammation.

5. Lessen Sugar

Sugar can be found everywhere, from tomato sauce to butter and even in products that are labeled no sugar. Our lives are busy, so naturally, we will rely on takeouts and processed food. Slow get rid of sugar and eventually stop altogether.

6. Get rid of white flour

If you’re consuming flour, you might as well as consume glue. It puts the digestive system into overdrive which can cause diseases to develop as well as having irregular bowel movements. There are substitutes such as brown rice flour, buckwheat (gluten-free) and quinoa flour.

These simple remedies to your everyday life can help you eliminate toxins quickly. There are many more remedies or habits that you can change. Start with the above, and you’ll notice the difference quite soon.

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Detox your Home Sun, 12 Mar 2023 13:39:11 +0000 There are hundreds of thousands of chemicals that are found in common household items. From cleaning products to baby bottles and clothes most of them haven’t even been tested to show if they are toxic to humans.

Even if these products have been tested such as the ones you wash with or use for personal hygiene still contain toxic chemicals. This can be damaging to your health and that of your families.

Although some of the items may be hard to discard simply, there are other options you have to reduce the number of toxic items in your household.

1. Read Product Labels

If you’re used to purchasing a lot of processed food, cut back for a start but start reading the labels. Anything with artificial flavorings or enhancers needs to be avoided. These can seriously affect you, and you may not be aware.

2. Know your Dirty Dozen

Buying organic food can be expensive especially when it comes to the dirty dozen. You can instead buy products that contain the least pesticides such as celery, apples, lettuce, cucumbers, and blueberries.

3. Say No to Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers usually contain traces of alcohol and other harmful chemicals. Instead, use good ole’ soap and wash your hands twice if need be. You’ll be free of toxins that you never even knew existed.

4. Open Your Windows

Make sure your house is ventilated as much as possible. Place green plants around the home as natural detoxifiers. Grow your little pot of herbs near the kitchen window to provide a sense of freshness. If you have bedrooms without windows, use air purifiers.

5. Add Water Filters

The water we drink from and wash with every day has already been purified, but we can take it a step further and add filters to our taps to make it all that cleaner.

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